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Become a Got Dirt Network user by filling in the complete vertical sand colored form from "Name Or Company" at top to "Enter" at bottom.

After filling out the above user form and clicking "Enter" you will see your new map link in the middle of the U.S. map.

Move the link to where you want it on the US map. To provide fellow users with the most precise location of your material you will be required to zoom in to street level. You can zoom in by using the maps left + and - sign legend.

When you have zoomed in to street level you will be able to save your link. In this example we have placed our link on Main & Commerce Street in Dallas Texas. Click on the save button in the instruction bubble.

After saving your link you will see all the other users materials or requirements within a 100 mile radius. Notice that your link has a red border while other users links have a green border.

If you desire you can sort your map links and or other users map links using the sort feature located under the map. Here we have sorted by what other users have within a 100-mile radius.

If you click on this users map link a bubble will come up displaying what this "I Have" user has. In this case the user has pea gravel, just what you were looking for.

A user can be contacted anonymously via e-mail. A user may have also provided their phone number (optional). If you click the e-mail link, in the bubble, the e-mail form will auto fill in your e-mail address and the name of the user you are contacting. Fill in the subject line and write a short message to the other user, then click the send or print button.

You will then be given the option to print or anonymously send your e-mail. When the fellow user receives your e-mail they can contact you.

You can add additional links at any time by filling out the "Create Additional Links" form and press "Enter".

You can manage your links, when logged in, via the "Map Link Management" section located above the Helpful Tips.

As a user you may also advertise on the Got Dirt Network. Visit the Advertising to learn more.

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