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You must be a user of the Got Dirt Network in order to place an ad on the website. If you are already a user and have not logged in please login now and return to this ad section. If you are not a network user and desire only to advertise on Got Dirt Network see 1. and 2. below then go to the home page and become a user. It's easy. After becoming a user return to this ad section. While entering your ad you can delete your user map link. In the future when you want to place additional ads you can login using your E-Mail address and password.

All ads will randomly rotate so that there are always at most four national ads and six local/link ads displayed at any one time.

1. National Advertisers Display your ad nationally on the home page. When becoming a user place your link on the map in the general proximity of where your national headquarters is located.
Large Ad: $95/6 Months, $160/12 Months

2. Local Advertisers Your ad will be displayed on users pages within a 100 mile radius of where you placed your link on the map.
Large Ad: $59/6 Months, $95/12 Months
Medium Ad: $39/6 Months, $69/12 Months
Text Ad: $25/6 Months, $45/12 Months

3. Link Advertisers - Your ad will be displayed as in number 2 above (Local Advertisers) but will be displayed at the top of the page.
Large Ad: $59/6 Months, $95/12 Months
Medium Ad: $39/6 Months, $69/12 Months
Text Ad: $25/6 Months, $45/12 Months

Ad Sizes:

All Ad images must be 72 dpi.
All ads will have a link to your Website.

Large Ad: Image ad must be 140px wide by 250px high. Ad will link to your Website.

Medium Ad: Image ad must be 130px wide by 130px high, 3 lines of text, & Website link. Each line of text has a 25 character limit.

Text Ad: 3 lines of text & a website link. Each line of text has a 25 character limit.

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